What our customers say!

”I was previously here quite a few years ago with a friends pony and found it was the best yard I had been on. Five years later and now I have my own horse, I decided to move back as it was local to home and just because I loved the yard. Facilities are great, looking forward to the new school being built and the people are very helpful. For example when I first moved on, my horse had mud fever the day after being clipped and I had plenty of people offering to help that I was very grateful for after only moving back two days before! Pat and David were more than helpful when I was in the process of moving after my strangles test wasn’t fully clear. They were happy to wait for my further results to come back before I could move on, again I’m very grateful for this. My horse seems very happy here, I was worried about putting him in a big heard because he had only ever been in an individual field or one other horse at his previous home of seven/eight years and he does like to be ‘boss’ as he thinks ha! So decided to have him on 24/7 turnout with a smaller heard (again Pat and David were helpful and understanding of my concern) and it was the best decision I have ever made because he is happy and we both love the yard! I look forward to many more happy years at the yard with my boy :) xx”
Brook M.

”I have been on the yard for coming up to 4 years. Hacton Park Corner Farm is my second home! Everyone is friendly and helpful and Pat and David are welcoming and accommodating. I have made some very special friends, I really wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. My cheeky pony Magnum is happy and settled and has been from day one. Look forward to many happy years at HPCF with Magnum!”
Jane F.

”I needed a safe and secure livery yard in the local area for my horse over 20 years ago and my horse has been at HPCF ever since! It is spacious, tidy, and well maintained. I always have peace of mind that the owners Pat and David who live on site have the security and wellbeing of the horses as their main priority.”
Sue S.

”We have been at Hacton Park Corner Farm for just over 2 years and our only regret is that we didn’t move there years ago. The moment Ellie stepped off the trailer her quality of life improved. She is 30 and suffers with cushings, and we are so grateful to Pat and David for providing the facilities she now needs to make it possible for her to enjoy life. We have peace of mind because everyone keeps an eye out to ensure Ellie is ok. The yard is professionally run and it is obvious Pat and David genuinely care. The liveries are friendly and if you have a problem everyone is there to support you. You would have to go a long way to find a better yard.”
Nicola H.

”I have only been on Hacton Park Corner Farm for just over 3 weeks but I can’t believe I didn’t move here sooner. The yard is lovely, nicely presented, and the other liveries are so kind and helpful. The yard owners Pat and David are lovely and really care about there liveries and the horses welfare and wellbeing. My mare settled the moment we stepped of the box and is the happiest I’ve seen her in years after being beaten up at a previous yard on a regular basis by other horses. My gelding took a bit longer but he is a sensitive soul haha.
Honestly it’s the loveliest yard I’ve ever been to and I’m not planning on moving them again. There is definitely not a nicer yard in the area and I feel so lucky to have got my two babies here and I know already we will have a long and happy future here at Hacton Park Corner Farm.”
Emma M.

”I have been a livery at Hacton Park since I was nine years old, ten years so far! I’ve got lots of amazing memories! The yard has been a big part of my childhood, it’s nice to watch other children grow up on the yard just like I have. Hacton is a friendly family run yard! I would like to point out how thankful and appreciative I am of David and Pat for accommodating Betty’s needs over the years when she had serious and not so serious injuries they would always support and do what they could to help with her recovery process! Hacton is my home as much as it is Betty’s! “
Elise R.